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Start of Season Top 20 Rankings

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posted 10/30/16 - 8:27 pm

Now that team rosters are finalized. Here is the Start of Season Top 20 team rankings from your Competition Committee. They are based purely on team rosters, speculation, propaganda, campaign contributions, bribes, super pacs, web leaks, Russian Hackers, FBI Investigations, classified emails, lies, truths, 40 specially trained Ecuadorean mountain llamas, etc... and are in no way rigged!! We will have a lot more to go on when the Mid-Season rankings are compiled in mid-December - Thanks to all who contributed

Top 20
1) Ability 360 Phoenix Heat
2) Texas Stampede
3) Minnesota Wheelchair Rugby Club
4) Medstar NRH Punishers (DC)
5) Sharp Edge
6) Seattle Slam
7) University of Arizona Wildcats
8) Portland Pounders
9) Lakeshore Demolition
10) Shepherd Smash
11) Tampa Generals
12) Brooks Bandits
13) Denver Harlaquins
14) Nor-Cal Quake
15) Detroit WRC
16) St. Louis Spartans
17) TIRR Texans
18) Grand Rapids Thunders
19) Northridge Knights
20) EWAF NY Warriors

Thanks again,...we will solicit input from everyone for future rankings
Steve Kenny
USQRA Competition Committee