Dan McCauley - 2.0, Administrator - 2016 

1999 Dan McCualey.JPG
Class: 2.0 Player 
Jersey Number:  
Hall Of Fame Induction:  2016

Dan found out about quad rugby from Dr. Ann Marie Glenn in 1990. He started playing with The San Diego Roughnecks and steadily became a standout 2.0 with several SD teams including Roughnecks, Sharp Shadow, and the current Sharp Edge squad.

He has played an integral role with each generation of these 3 SD based teams as a standout, nationally recognized 2.0 with The Roughnecks and Shadow and a role playing 1.5 (over 45 rule) with Sharp Edge. Equally valuable is Dan’s mentorship to younger players on his current SD Teams.

Dan was selected to his first Team USA in 1994 and was part of one of the starting lineups with 3 fellow HOFs Joe Soares 3.5, Dave (Goldie) Gould 2.0 and Chris Cook .5.  The 1994 USA Team won Gold at The Stoke Manville Games in Aylesbury, GB. Nicknamed “The Professor” because of his intelligence on and off the court, Dan backed up his international playing status by being selected to Team USA in 1995 and again capturing Gold at the inaugural World Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland.

Additionally Dan played a big role in Sharp Shadow winning 3 straight titles from 1996-98 and has since been part of the 2011 D1 National Champs and 2 more D2 titles.

Off the court Dan’s resume is equally impressive; including serving as a Regional Assistant to the Commissioner (RAC) in the early 90s, the protest committee, 2 terms as USQRA Vice President and IWRF Board Member.

For 25 + years Dan McCauley has been a consistent contributor on and off the rugby court. He has done so with passion, intelligence and integrity.