Diane Bulger Tsapos - Classification - 2000

Diane Bulger.jpg
Position: Classifier (1988 - present) 
Home:  Painted Rock, Texas
Hall of Fame Induction: 2000

Diane Bulger, an occupational therapist by trade, became involved with Wheelchair Rugby in its infancy. She served as support staff with the Dallas Sidekicks, traveling with them to the first National tournament in Grand Forks North Dakota. In those early days she was also a referee who later became certified and officiated National level games. She was instrumental in the development of classifiers in the U.S. conducting many instructional clinics. She worked with Anne Marie Glenn in developing our current International classification system.

As an International classifier she was involved with the 1993 Stoke Mandeville games, when IWRF was first formed. After those games she became the U.S.'s head classifier and went on to become head classifier at the first Paralympic games for Wheelchair Rugby at the 1996 Atlanta games.

Diane groomed classifiers in the U.S. and abroad at International tournaments. She could often be seen working with large groups of classifiers developing a consistency throughout the Nation. She worked with Anne Marie Glenn to develop hand tests as well as key components to determine values on all functions. She will always be considered one of the true pioneers of the functional classification system in use today.