Norm Lyduch - 1.0 - 2013

Norm L.jpeg
Class: 1.0 Player 
Jersey Number:  1
Home: Austin, Texas
Hall Of Fame Induction:  2013
Team: University of Illinois 1990-1995; Tampa Generals 1996-1999; Texas Stampede 1999-2012

Norm “the machine” Lyduch has been one of the most respected and feared players on the court. Known for his fierce competitive spirit and drive to win Norm has helped to shape the sport not just on the court but off as well. He has been a member of 4 national championship teams, 3 Paralympic teams, and numerous low point international champions and has served as a team representative, player representative and now assistant coach.


Norm began his career at the University of Illinois when players were still playing in their everyday chair.  Back then players classes were not as defined  as they are today. Norm’s class being a 1 never stood in the way of him being not only a sticky defender but also a ball handler! These early strengths on both sides of the ball quickly led to all tournament honors throughout the Midwest.  Teammate Shawn Meredith would comment that if the game was on the line you WANTED Norm on the court.


Word quickly spread of Norm and he took his skills on the court (and now on the track) to Tampa to play for the Tampa Generals. A respected program led by Coach Terry Vineyard would be the proving ground as Norm would compete for titles and championships. Paired alongside hall of famers Soares and Gould, Norm would be one of the athletes that “did the dirty work” of freeing up the high pointers to score.  During the same time Norm who had become active in track while in college was selected to the 1996 US Paralympic track team.  


Fresh off a Gold medal for Team USA at the Sydney games. And with a brain full of knowledge and a body honed for speed Norm left Tampa and arrived at his home – Austin Texas. Norm fit perfectly into a system that needed a presence and leader. He quickly set up shop picking, passing and persevering. Soon after his arrival the Stampede began challenging for a national championship and within 3 years of his arrival the team had their first title.


Over the next 8 years Norm would set the standard of how players in the 1 class were defined and measured. 2 more Paralympic medals Gold and Bronze 3 more national championships, numerous best in class awards and more important a legacy of fans, friends and admirers along the way,


While he is done chasing players and dominating on the court he now has picked up a whistle and is joining the ranks of coaching. A simple beginning in college continues today. Challenging and changing lives of those around him. The hall of fame could have no better member than “the machine”.