Who Are Referees?


Who Are Referees?

Referees highly skilled and trained individuals that provide the on-court interpretation of the rules and regulations of the USQRA. These individuals apply the rules set forth in the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) Rulebook and interpret them according to president and judgment within the context of the game and play. Individuals who are Referees, belong to the United States Quad Rugby Referee Association (USQRRA) and have a classification level of A, B or C (A being the highest and C being the lowest level of classification). Class A Fee - $45/game Class B Fee -  $40/game and Class C Fee is $35/game, with $10 per diem of the days of tournament for traveling officials. 

How Do I Get Referees for a Tournament or Host a Referee Clinic?

Contact Regional Assistant Commissioners for Tournament Referees:

Atlantic North - Bob Lopez

Atlantic South - Matt Smith
Heartland - Kristin Little

Mountain - Andy Miller

Pacific - Kelli Kaliszewski 

Contact Todd Jackson for Referee Clinics

Classification System

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Who Can Become a Referee?

Anybody can become a Referee, however, it takes a significant amount of time and commitment to become a Referee.Any individual who is willing to learn the rules, and invest the time.  As a referee you are required to attend a Ref clinic at least once a year, and maintain a minimum number of games a year. If you are interested in becoming a referee, of if you are interested in hosting a referee clinic, please contact Todd Jackson.  

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